3DTS 2021
October, 9th, 10th and 11th

Mars, 9th: Opening of the registration period for the backpacker or followers

Registrations are open to participate as a backpacker (with a license) or as a follower in 3DTS 2020!

There are a special accreditation for backpackers, therefore, it is necessary to differentiate between the registration of backpacker and the inscription of the follower.

- The backpacker is the person who is in possession of a federative license attends a pilot participating in the race.

- The follower is the one who signs up to follow the race. You can attend, if applicable, a certain driver but you do not have a backpacker's license.

Make this distinction before making your registration and accessing at the correct form.

More information and registrations at the side banner >>

Team registration form

Follow the link below to formalize a grouping. It is essential to access the form and register. Only by this way you can request race numbers and guarantee a joint start.

You can register together a maximum of three riders.

GROUPS - 3DTS 2020

Registration closed!

Many thanks to everyone!

Soon we will publish the list of riders.

* Entries for backpackers (with license) and for followers will open on 09/03/20, we will soon inform you of the procedure.

+100 entry form

We inform you that the first 100 registrations have already been registered.

+100 form available. All registrations, until February 6, will be on the waiting list until the raffle (08/02/20).

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