3DTS 2020
From April 10th to 12th

Information of interest · 3DTS 2020

On April 10, 11 and 12, 2020
, the 49th edition of the '3 Dies Trial Santigosa' will be held in Sant Joan de les Abadesses.

Entries must be made through the website of the Moto Club Abadesses following a new and improved procedure.

The following steps must be completed for the registration.. First, register as a user on the website. The link will be available on January 15, at 7pm.

Pre-registering will allow you to fill in the fields with ease and provide all the information by completing the registration and activation process for the user.

On Monday, January 20, at 7 pm, the registration form for riders will be open. Registration will be done from the private area of ​​the website and it is essential to be registered.

Please, take note that for the registration you will need and enter the following datas: CATEGORY, MOTORCYCLE, REFUELLING, LICENSE (Field not required. It will be possible to inform later) and T-SHIRT SIZE.

Registration by any other means will not be accepted. Places are limited. Only the first 100 registrations will get a direct place for the race. Subsequent applications will be on the waiting list until the draw has been completed for the allocation of all places.

* The registrations for backpackers (with license) and followers will open on 09/03/20, following the same procedure.

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