The registration period for the 46th edition of the ‘3 Dies Trial Santigosa’ will open on January, 16th 2017

The registrations for the 46th edition of '3 Dies Trial Santigosa', that will take place in Sant Joan de les Abadesses, on April, 14th, 15th and 16th 2017, will open on January 16th.

The registrations will be made through the Moto Club Abadesses website, following the usual procedure. As of the date indicated, the application form will be available at www.motoclubabadesses.cat. Registrations won't be accepted by any other means.

In order to maintain the quality and the environmental sustainability of the 3DTS, Moto Club Abadesses has limited the maximum number of participants. There will be 190 pilots that will take part in the next edition of the competition.

The first 150 registrants who submit the completed registration form and pay for the rights will ensure their position to run the 3DTS. The incorrect entries or the requests that have not completed the process by the formalization of the payment will be rejected.

Once exceeded the 150 registrants, the remaining requests will be in a waiting list until March, 1st, the closing date for the registrations. Late registrations will not be accepted.

There will be a raffle with all these remaining entries in order to obtain a position for the race. Once the raffle has been made, the acceptations will be notified to the interested parties and a new payment deadline will be opened through the same platform on the entity's website.

The registration price is 215 €. The registration fees include 30 daily sections (90 sections), a commemorative t-shirt of the 2017 edition, food or daily supplies, a daily refueling of gasoline and the 3DTS magazine and stickers.
If a pilot has paid for the registration rights but, eventually, can't participate in the race, the cost will be refunded with a penalty.

The Moto Club Abadesses keeps on working to offer a quality competition, which is totally respectful and committed to the fulfillment of the environmental requirements, and which has a high degree of organizational exigency, in order to keep being a high-level model.


Motoclub Abadesses - Apartat de correus 31, 17860 Sant Joan de les Abadesses - Tel. 678.75.61.91 - E-mail staff@motoclubabadesses.com