3DTS 2020

3DTS HOThis week the entries for the '3 Dies Trial Santigosa' · 2020 were opened but, as you know, due to serious technical errors in the computer system that was released, the process couldn't be executed successfully and we couldn't be determined, of all registered applications, who was correctly registered.

For this reason, Moto Club Abadesses made the delicate and difficult decision to make the immediate return of all the payments and, given this situation, considering that it's the most fair, choose to repeat the registrations.

We inform you that a new time and registration process will be opened.

Registrations must be made through the website of the Moto Club Abadesses, following the usual procedure of the previous years, starting next Wednesday, January 29.

The form will be available at 7:00 p.m.

To register, you must complete the form and make the payment of the registration fees correctly.

It will be necessary to correctly dispose and enter the following data: NAME and LAST NAME, DATE OF BIRTH, ID, TOWN / REGION and COUNTRY, PHONE, E-MAIL, LICENSE (Field not obligatory. It will be possible to inform later), CATEGORY, MOTORCYCLE, REFUELING and T-SHIRT SIZE.

Remember to mark the check, giving conformity that you have read and accept the rules of the 3DTS 2020.

Next, we publish the updated regulation:

- RULES OF 3DTS 2020

Registrations will not be accepted by any other means. Places are limited and remember that only the first 100 entries will get a direct place for the race. Subsequent applications will remain on the waiting list until the raffle for the allocation of all the places.

Registration will be closed on February 6, at 7:00 p.m. and the raffle for the remaining places will be held on 8/2. Moto Club Abadesses will inform via e-mail the riders who have obtained a place for the race on 9/2. These will be accepted once the payment has been made. The period to make the payment will end on February 13, at 7:00 p.m. The pilots who do not make the payment in the established term will lose the place.

* Registrations for backpackers (with license) and for followers will open on 09.03.20, we will soon inform you the procedure.

Release (21/01)

Moto Club Abadesses reports that serious technical mistakes have been made in the new registration system that prevents us from determining who is correctly enrolled.

For this reason, we will refund all payments as soon as possible.

The entity believes that, it's fair to reset and repeat registrations.

We ask you that be attentive to communications, as we will shortly inform you of the procedure for signing up.

We very much regret this unpleasant incident and we apologise for the inconvenience.

Release (20/01)

The new registration system has suffered some technical problems.

The computer technicians are analyzing the casuistry and as soon as possible we will publish the provisional entry list and report the normalization of the registration procedure.

Then the entry form to register new applications that will be on the waiting list will open again.

Sorry for the inconvenience. 

Rècord d’inscripcions i de pilots estrangers a la 47a edició dels 3 Dies Trial Santigosa


Els 3DTS més internacionals
El Moto Club Abadesses ja ho té tot llest per encarar la 47a edició dels 3 Dies Trial Santigosa, els pròxims 30 i 31 de març, i 1 d'abril de 2018. La prova d'enguany ve marcada per l'èxit de participació, ja que s'han cobert totes les places que l'organització havia marcat com a límit per poder continuar oferint i garantint un trial de qualitat i respectuós amb el medi ambient. Les primeres 130 places amb entrada directa van exhaurir-se el mateix dia de l'obertura de les inscripcions en poc més de dotze hores. Hi haurà pilots del Regne Unit, Noruega, Israel, Suïssa, Suècia, Escòcia, Alemanya, França... a més d'una trentena de pilots estatals de fora de Catalunya. Finalment, més de 50 pilots en varen quedar fora i no podran córrer aquest any. Els 3DTS 2018 comptaran amb la participació d'un total de 233 pilots.

Els noms propis
L'hepta-campió del món Dougie Lampkin (Vertigo), Jorge Casales (Vértigo) i Oriol Noguera (JOTAGAS) són els principals favorits pel pòdium. En dones, tindrem l'oportunitat excepcional de tornar a veure a Laia Sanz (13 títols mundials de Trial), que s'enfrontarà a la segona classificada del darrer campionat, Sandra Gómez (Gas Gas); i a l'alemanya Theresa Bäuml (Montesa), tercera classificada; i a les catalanes Berta Abellán i Maria Giró (4a i 8a, respectivament).

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